Penetration Test

We expose the security gaps in your company

Penetration Test / Pentest

Your IT security on the test bench

Proactively discovering security vulnerabilities before it is too late is absolutely part of an effective IT security concept. We find the vulnerabilities in your system before an attacker does.

What do we test?

  1. Infrastructure:
    Uncover security vulnerabilities, e.g., test client/server systems, firewalls, WLAN networks, VPN access points.
  2. Application
  3. Grey-box penetration testing:
    Specified IP ranges to be tested
  4. Audit with final report on vulnerabilities and areas at risk, as well as detailed recommendations for action

    Our IT security experts are highly qualified and use their wide range of experience for your IT security. The penetration testers have the full range of current methods and strategies of real attackers, far beyond standard penetration tests. This is the only way to succeed in a meaningful pentest.
Penetration Test hoch qualifiziert für Ihre IT-Sicherheit

Penetration Test or Vulnerability Management / VM?

Penetration Test oder Pentest

The correct answer is: Both!

While VM uses artificial intelligence to search for and find vulnerabilities, we use a penetration test, also called a pentest, to actually try to attack your system with fictitious attacks. Software is also used for this, but with the use of human intelligence and human intuition.

The simulation of real attack attempts specifically exploits previously identified vulnerabilities, making it clear which areas and data are specifically at risk.

The reliability of the points in the system that have already been secured is also checked again in this way.