Automated pentests can be used to regularly audit your IT systems and identify and close potential entry points for hackers at an early stage. In the clear audit report, you can see how far it has penetrated within your systems and what other security vulnerabilities have been found. 


The automated SMS COMPLETE pentest can be performed virtually at the push of a button. This means you save twice: the external hourly rates are eliminated as well as the necessary internal resources when performing a manual pentest.


IT infrastructures are constantly changing, both hardware and software. Attackers are even more fast-moving. Who will protect you from a new security vulnerability that appears just one day after your security audit? What kind of day did your pentester have? Are you sure that he brought the right know-how for your infrastructure?

With our pentests, none of this matters. You always have an overview of your current hardware and software environment and know the hourly status of known security vulnerabilities.


Run as many pentests as you like, at no extra cost. With our informative reports, you not only have a perfect vulnerability overview, but can also check your own security measures for success.


Only those who have everything in view can really assess their own risk and take concrete measures. In the SMS COMPLETE War Room you can see all the security vulnerabilities uncovered by the pentest. 

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